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Murphy Express Logistics Limited, a subsidiary of Murphy Shipping and Commercial Services Limited was established as a private limited liability company in 2002 to carry on the business of providing haulage services.

Our company has experienced significant growth and transformation from its modest beginning to become a major player in the haulage sub-sector of our economy as attested by its clientele in the Telecommunications, Oil and Gas and the Manufacturing sectors of the Nigerian economy.



Our haulage services are covered by a “Goods in Transit” Insurance Policy issued by a first rated Insurance company.



Our prices are highly competitive and are a reflection of existing rates in the market. We have often bent over backwards in price negotiations with clients as a result of our flexibility in accommodating individual client's demands. 



To be an exceptionally reliable, profitable and esteemed organization setting unmatched standards in the markets we serve through a unique pursuit of logistical excellence.



To passionately provide distinctive haulage services targeted at developing visible and measurable improvements in our clients' business performance while attracting, retaining and motivating skilled manpower.


Bonded Terminal

The Bonded Terminal license granted to our parent company, Murphy Shipping and Commercial Services has given us considerable leverage in the provision of a total logistics package to our clients.