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MURPHY SHIPPING & COMMERCIAL SERVICES LTD Bonded Terminal and Groupage Cargoes Warehouse was approved by The Nigeria Customs Service in 2009 and the Company commenced operations immediately.

The Terminal occupied a land space of 3.5 acres with container storage capacity of (350)  20ft” Containers & (200) 40ft” Vessel at a go.

The Warehouse for groupage cargoes has capacity of 10tues (containers) or more without delay.

Our handling equipment ranges from simple pallets trucks through 2 forklifts with ten tons (10) for groupage cargoes.

The Terminal has two (2) BIG FORKLIFT with forty-five (45) tons Kalmar that can stack containers up to five (5) high.

The Terminal/Warehouse are fortified with strong perimeter fence and secured 24/7 with Government security.

The Terminal and the Warehouse are connected to Customs ASYCUDA ++ .

All units of Customs and Government Security Agencies are in place to perform their statutory functions.

Our Terminal and Warehouse charges are the cheapest in the industry.

Zero % delay on transfer of container and cargo to our terminal.

100% percent customer satisfaction on information and delivery aspects.

Cargoes and container transfer upon arrival of vessel and cargoes.